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Related post: Date: preteen modesl sexy Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:21:32 -0400 From: Subject: OUT OF THE RUBBLE - 24OUT OF THE RUBBLE - 24Copyright 2004 by Carl MasonAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for strictly personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author at story contains descriptions of sexual contact between a young adult male and young male teenagers. Nevertheless, "Out of the Rubble" is neither a strictly "suck and fuck" exercise nor is it a story that focuses on the "love of adults for the young"...often without sex or with the mere suggestion of sex. If preteen index pics you are looking for these types of erotic fiction, there sexe preteen are fine examples of each on Nifty. Something slightly different is required here.However based on real events and places, "Out of the Rubble" is strictly fictional. Any resemblance to actual events, or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Further, this is homoerotic fiction designed for the personal enjoyment of legal, hopefully mature, adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, if those in power and/or those whom you trust treat it as illegal, or if it would create unresolvable moral dilemmas in your life, please leave. Finally, remember that maturity generally demands that anything other than safe sex is sheer insanity!Thank you, Ed C., for your devoted help on this section of the story! PART 24(Revisiting the End of Part 23)Not quite ready to let the matter drop there, Andy said, "I noticed that Dieter couldn't play his part tonight and that Otto never did show up." "Yeah, Andy, Jaeger added somewhat uncomfortably, "Otto really went too far last night. In fact, we thought he might have broken Dieter's nose. The doctor down the street said it was ok, but we had to promise we would speak with you." Sam and Andy hugged the kids and thanked them for taking care of their brothers before Sam again promised that he pretty model preteen would take care of the matter and sent them off to bed. Cuddling in bed, Sam sighed that he guessed it had been too good to last. "Sam," Andy interjected, remember what you Americans say: A guy is innocent until he's proven guilty!" A heartsick Sam kissed him before turning out the light.(Continuing Our Story: Good Guys Don't Always Win)In full cooperation with Ehrhardt and Kurt, Sam thoroughly investigated the reports of trouble between Otto and Dieter. They turned out to be true. Indeed, if anything, the situation turned out to be more serious than first thought. preteens ilegal nude Three and, possibly, four of The House's younger residents were found to have been preteen nudiest galleries physically abused by Otto; two of the cases were confirmed by the German doctor who had looked at them and provided minor first aid. On at least two occasions, the theft of money and/or the selling of preteen fashion show small stolen articles (to those outside the residence) was verified. Sam's experience said that there was more, but, as he had been reminded, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. A humiliated, sorrowful Kurt declared that he wished no longer to be considered the "First Boy," but neither Sam nor Ehrhardt would hear of it. They knew well that he WAS "one of the boys" and, as such, his authority was essentially moral and persuasive. Since the ski trip, he had functioned effectively and with marked dedication. Otto had been preteen lesbians porn very clever in covering his tracks and instilling fear in his victims until Horst and Jaeger had finally spoken out - largely because the doctor had insisted that either they would or he would. Sam felt rather like the Japanese admiral, Yamaguchi, who said after the World War II Battle of Midway that only he would take responsibility before the Emperor. Sam's was a responsibility that he refused to sluff off on either Ehrhardt or Kurt. Nevertheless, his heart was heavy, for he loved Otto as he loved each of "his boys." Further, he had devoted the last two years of his life to helping boys grow into more responsible, more humane men. He also knew he had to act immediately in ways that would add to the pain already experienced.Sam spoke with Otto on two occasions and on separate days. He proved utterly intransigent. Indeed, nearly everything he said showed contempt for the opportunities that he had been given. He also refused to provide any additional information on acts he had committed. Inasmuch as he was one of the two boys who had been admitted to DAS HAUS even though his Tieferwald parents had been alive, Sam spoke with his mother. (Otto's father had died during the intervening two years.) Unfortunately, she was still as badly off, physically and mentally, as she had been at the time. All efforts to provide assistance had failed miserably.On the third day, Sam called Otto into his office. He told the boy preteenie porn pics firmly, but without rancor, that even had he expressed honest remorse and an intention to correct his actions, it would not have been enough. There was no way that one who had behaved like a bully, a thief, and a liar could remain in The House penalty-free. In as supportive a way as possible under the circumstances, Sam gave the boy a choice between returning to his mother or being placed with a supportive preteen 11 masterbating foster family. Otto only sneered and said they he wasn't going to do anything. Within the hour, Sam drove him to his mother's apartment, reminding the e preteen whores boy that his six month "suspension" would be over in February. If he honestly tried to get himself together - and he was given contact information for two men in the community (a psychotherapist and a priest) who were preteen boys naturisme willing to help - his suspension could be reconsidered. The terrified look on Otto's face as he carried his backpack naked female preteens towards his mother's preteen sexuality apartment building was something that Sam would never wipe from his memory. Sam wept that afternoon over his failure, even though he knew best preteens com that responsibility in relationships is always shared with others.The Director then turned to the boys who had been damaged by Otto's behavior. When he was reasonably convinced that Dieter was the only one who continued to show marked ill effects, he called Ulrich into his office. (He was not about to place an additional burden on Kurt. Besides, the First Boy had more than enough to do as it was.) In all honesty, Sam had always considered Ulrich to be something preteen rompl toplist of a "hulk" - a good kid, but surely not the brightest bulb in the lot. He sat slumped in a chair before Sam - heavy-featured, expressionless, his eyes dull, virgin models preteen but wary - rubbing his buzzed blond hair. "Ulrich," Sam mexican nn preteen intoned, "I've got a serious problem, and I need some serious help. Is it possible lsm preteen nudist that you might be interested in giving me a hand?" The big guy immediately sat up straight in his chair, saying, "Jawohl, Herr Direktor! Wie kann ich helfen? Ist das ueber Dieter?" ["Yes, sir, Director. How can I help? Is this about Dieter?"]Sam quickly became aware that Ulrich nude candid preteen probably knew more about what was going on than he did. "Yes, Ulrich, it's about Dieter. I am worried about the damage that he has experienced... stealing, the assault. You know. I need someone preteen flower girl to take him under his become a Big Brother...someone who can convince him that he is worth nymphets preteen underage something...that it's possible to be happy even when bad things have happened. Could you assume such a role?" The young man who sat straight and totally "involved" in front of him slowly smiled. "I have always wanted a brother, sir," he said. "Besides I have always liked the little guy. I'll tell you something else, sir. underage angels preteen I am so grateful for the way in which you have tried to help give me a home and at DAS HAUS. Count on me to give it my best shot!" Sam looked girlsex preteens at him again...his eyes glinting intensely. Slowly, forcefully, he said, "Help me, Ulrich, to make something good out of this mess! Now, get out of here...and know that you have my thanks." Ulrich rose, snapped to attention, almost saluted, and left the office.Sam sat at his desk, twiddling a paperclip. "Well, you win some and you lose some," he said to no one in particular. "Occasionally, you realize that you almost screwed up again, but have another chance to do better."(Baron Rolf von Hofsberg)On the day after preteen naked topsites he spoke with Ulrich, a small Italian sports car pulled up in front of The House. Just as Sam left his office, the Baron entered, strode over to him, and pulled him into a tight hug. "Herr Baron..." Sam sputtered. "It's 'Rolf' just as it was when you gave me a home and your love, sir. preteen pics rape You are still the man I respect most in this world. Please don't push me away... even with a title." Sam vigorously returned the hug before saying, "Glad to see you, Rolf - as well illigal preteen sex as that little bolt of lightening that sits out by the front gate. Come on, let's have a bite to eat with the boys, and then we can sit down and talk some business with the powers that be." The boys all remembered Rolf who had been a favorite during his days at DAS HAUS and crowded preteen boner around him, greeting him warmly. Several had also spotted the sports car and extracted promises to xxx preteen thumbs give them a closer look after lunch.After Rolf had little young preteen finished allowing each boy to sit in the car, had lifted the hood, and had briefly commented on the packed engine compartment, he returned to Sam's office where he and Andreas were talking. "Andy, go and give Ehrhardt and Kurt the word that we're ready to go, ok?" "Sorry..." Rolf began to speak before Sam cut him off. "Teenagers japan porn preteens are teenagers. If you hadn't given them a few minutes with it, they would have probably disassembled it for inspection during the afternoon!" Laughing, Rolf greeted Ehrhardt and Kurt who were just coming through the door."Gentlemen," Sam began, "I have asked Andy to sit in with us this afternoon because he is so intimately involved with most of the topics on the agenda. Let me clear the deck for the Baron's presentation by telling or, in some cases, reminding you of four things: 1) Andy and I became partners for life while on our American trip." Ehrhardt, Rolf, and Andy just grinned. preteen erotica board Kurt who evidently didn't know the full story - however difficult that slender preteen models is to believe in a residence - turned to face the two lovers and exclaimed, "Yeah! Way to go, guys!" With a wink free preteen nonnude at his underware for preteens big First Boy, Sam continued: "2) We intend to leave Germany during the coming summer." Shocked island preteens models murmurs met that one. "3) I intend to do everything under the sun to convince Ehrhardt to remain here as the permanent Director of DAS HAUS. To that end, I already have General Clemens' promise to continue full support of our operations - and preteen cp he should be in Tieferwald for at least another two years." Papa Ehrhardt sat with a dumbfounded look on his face, his mouth slightly open. "Boss!" he began to protest. Andy and Rolf silenced him by reaching over and pounding him joyfully on the back! "Finally," Sam said, "4) I hope - I truly hope - that Rolf will consent to become the Chairman of a new 'Board of Directors,' but that matter, of course. Is something that he and Ehrhardt will have to work out." The room lay in stunned silence."Before the riot begins," Rolf interjected, "let me have my say, for it very much bears on what Sam has already laid out for gay preteens experiences us. preteen girls boys banned preteen pictures First, Ehrhardt, let me say that polska preteen models I agree with the boss completely. There is absolutely no one in Germany preteens pantyhose who could make a make a finer director for a very special home. Further, Ehrhardt, as either the Chairman of a new Board naked preteens nude or simply as a concerned 'Old Boy,' I shall do everything in my power to develop financial and moral support for DAS HAUS. Eventually, if desired, I young preteen fantacy will support developing a new sexypreteen nonnude girls campus that would allow even more kids in need to receive the love and beginning in life that I enjoyed. WE MUST NOT FAIL!" Barely muffled shouts greeted the Baron's declaration. "Finally, you people whom I love most in this world, I have established a sizeable endowment that will more than take care of 'transition expenses' when Sam and Andy leave."The five young men clung together in the center of Sam's tiny office, exchanging words of love and support, as well as hugs and kisses. japanese preteen models That's not exactly correct, for neither Ehrhardt nor Kurt could quite manage the kisses. Let it be said, however, that the love they projected was as great as anything ever felt in DAS HAUS.(Up into the Hasseberge!) [-berge = mountains])The night before Rolf and Andreas were to leave on the long-anticipated hiking and camping trip up into the thickly forested hills that separated far northeastern Bavaria from the Soviet Occupation Zone was, of course, filled with preparations. (Rolf was also monumentally unsuccessful in resisting the constant begging for short rides. In the late summer of 1947, other than for U.S. Army vehicles, there weren't that many cars in Tieferwald - let alone a sleek, little silver bomb!) The new Baron had brought down a case of superb premium Estate wines for Sam. Included was a bottle of Eiswein [ice wine] for which connoisseurs the world-over would have given their right arm - or some other part of their anatomy! Andy was every bit as delighted when he unwrapped a large parcel to find nasty preteen pic a pair of very short, cuffed Lederhosen [leather preteens nudist images shorts], a matching Jagdhut [hunting hat], two traditional white shirts, and two pairs of stockings. Giggling, he also showed Andy a canvas case that contained a few "toys" about which his friend had preteens toplist pics earlier phoned and asked him to bring down from the dungeon. ("I didn't bring the chains," he giggled. "Too damned heavy, but virtual preteen pussy I did bring some rope that you'll never untie!")In the morning, the Silver Bomb secured on the property, Sam drove the traditionally-dressed youths archive rape preteen in his Jeep beyond Schweinfurt and upriver to Hassfurt on the Main. (There he would meet them at 1600 hours [4:00 pm] on the seventh day.) preteens mpeg The pretty little town lay on the north bank preteens girls nudes of the twisting river that separated two heavily forested upland areas, the Steigerwald [-wald = forest] and the Hasseberge. Wuerzburg and Tieferwald lay to the southwest. Between it and the Zone border lay little more than forests and slowly rising hills. Who could blame those who feared living any closer to the Russian Bear? On another day, they might have paused and enjoyed some of the town's sights, including the most important heraldic monument in all Germany. Today, however, was another day, and they soon hoisted their backpacks and hiked off into the forest.By the time the afternoon had passed, they were hot and weary, for it was August and they had not yet gotten used to their heavy packs or fallen into that steady, comfortable pace that takes a little time to develop. Stopping around 1800 pedo preteen child hours (6:00 pm), they set up their tent-half, built a fire, and cooked a pleasant meal. Soon time to turn in, they fell asleep almost before they mumbled "Good night."Feeling great, they arose with the sun. Over his breakfast coffee, Rolf had a few suggestions for his friend. "Andy," he said, "I haven't seen one sign of anyone for several miles - and, in black preteens pussy any case, we'd have heard them had they been in the area. It's going to be hotter today than it was yesterday. What say we tuck our clothes into our backpacks and hike comfortably?" "Good idea, Rolf," Andreas answered. "Let's do it!" "Second suggestion," Rolf continued, "I have some real fun things planned for you - for us! - on this trip, but you need to xxx preteens porn get used to them gradually if we're going to avoid making you uncomfortable. As we hike, have you any objection to wearing a couple of the toys you had me bring from the dungeon?" "No problem," Andy answered, "you're directing this extravaganza!" "Finally," Rolf grinned, "I brought along a new light-weight super-camera. I'm preteens and sex tired of pics posed against a black screen. I'd love for each preteen pantyhose girls of us to take informal shots of the other...until we return to civilization that is," russian preteens forum he added quickly. "If I give you my word of honor as your best friend that no one else will ever see them, would you take photos with me...and have fun doing it?" Realizing that he was going to be naked for a few days, that in his preteens in brazil erotic russian preteens view Rolf had reacted properly to the Baron's turning over pictures to the porn gang, and that it did 'kinda turn him on,'" he looked up, grinned at Rolf, and simply said, "Yeah!" "Ok, Andy, you have my word," Rolf replied seriously.As models preteen 10 Andy tucked the last of his clothes into his pack, Rolf came over with the canvas case. "I've got a few things for you," he said, drawing four objects from the case. "First, here's preteen teensex a two-part metal ball weight and stretcher...brand asian preteen forum new from Koblenz! It's heavier than the leather and small weights, but it snaps on and tightens only to the degree that it's comfortable. preteen kinder Also, there's no having to draw your cock and balls through an preteen banana sucking opening which, in your case, presents one hell of a problem," he added with a leer. "Secondly, when I poke it into you - which I fully intend to do tonight - I need more slack than I can create with my fingers." "Promises... promises," Andy muttered sarcastically. Ignoring him, Rolf continued. "Here's another new item child pedo preteen right out of Koblenz, a metal butt plug. It also weighs a bit and, even better, it's polished as smooth as glass! I've seen both work and I can promise you that they really do the trick. Finally, I have two little cosmetic items, first, a two-part chrome-plated cock band, preteens naked bbs slightly less than 1-inch (2.54 cm) wide and, secondly, one studded slave collar. You need to learn your place, especially in the presence of one whose ancestors defeated the best the Romans could throw at them. More seriously (he grinned), I think you'll like the effect - and, Andy, you'll be used to all four within a few hours. Ok?" Andy shoot his head in mock bewilderment and said, "Ok, oh mighty Baron, put 'em on!" Occasionally adding a little lube - and trembling in his excitement preteen blonde boy - Rolf did just that.Andy stretched tentatively. Well, the slave topless german preteens collar was giving him no trouble, but the other new toys felt...odd. The ball stretcher was not light and really drew his balls down low in their sack. In fact, the sack itself rode noticeably lower. The new butt plug felt heavy and reached inside his guts almost preteen beach wear to his belly button! The cock ring also felt strange, for he had never worn one that wide. The effect was to slightly lift his long, thick cock until he looked as if he had a semi-hard-on even when he didn't! 'Oh, hell,' he muttered to himself. 'I agreed. Shut up, Andy boy, and just do it! It'll work out ok - as long as I can find a way to stride without crushing my balls...or getting them caught between my knees!' (Andy moaned in self-pity at the very thought!)Their leave-taking from the first night's camp was something of a "Beauty and the Beast" affair. It is difficult to believe how two young men could present such a picture of sheer masculine beauty. It was as if two forest gods had forgiven Germany and returned with blessings. On the other hand, Andreas's figure also showed some problems. For hairless lips preteen instance, he was finding it difficult to walk, for his lengthened scrotum kept getting in the way - and the railroad spike that was up his ass lent a certain stiffness to his entire lower body. Nevertheless, he finally proceeded small preteens nude haltingly and, before long, was moving right long as he concentrated! Well before the lunch stop, however, Andy's muscles were beginning to manage the added baggage and he was feeling much more comfortable. As the youngsters sat eating their bread and cheese and dipping their feet in a small stream that flowed through the meadow, Rolf suddenly saw one magnificent picture, a side view of Andy as he rested boys sex preteen in the softy dappled shade of a giant oak. Relaxed and framed by large oak leaves, his pose was absolutely Grecian (perhaps "Teutonic" is a better word) as he peered meditatively into the water and gracefully dipped one foot. Holding his camera up for permission, Andy grinned and nodded positively. (That shot turned out to be one of the most dramatic of the entire trip.) Rolf took a few other shots before Andy received a few minutes instruction and began taking a few of his own. Rolf thought that he was acting as if he had a pretty good eye. "By the way, Andy, I'm still able to get our pics developed and printed privately. We need not worry." "Good...and thanks, Rolfie!" his friend replied. "I'm not model preteen tgp worried - and you don't have to ask permission in the future."The afternoon's hike was long and difficult, but before it was over, the lads were moving along at nearly their normal pace, Andy showing no ill effects from his new equipment. Later that evening, they lay on a tarp spread on comfortable grass beds, the fire just outside their shelter reduced to embers. As instructed, Andy had removed the stretcher and the plug for the night - but not the cock band or the slave collar. A spectacular moon had arisen and was casting quite a bit of light down through the forest canopy that towered above them. Rolf suddenly preteen bikiny girls turned to his friend, saying, "Andy, I've got to ask your permission." "Why, Rolfie?" he asked. "That new camera has a flash and you can take a picture whenever you want." "No, Andy, I need to ask permission to do something else." Andy thought about that for a minute before he suddenly realized what Rolf might have on his mind. Turning towards him, he kissed him lovingly and put his hand in back of Rolf's neck. "I love you, very best friend - and I am yours tonight." As if suddenly moistened, Rolf's eyes glistened as he bent down and passionately kissed the man whom he had loved from the american porno preteen very first day he had come to The House. Andy moved his hand down to the youngster's broad back and drew him to his chest.Lying on his back, his arm bent beneath his neck and Rolf sleeping beside him, Andy lay thinking in the wee hours of kiddie preteen model the night about what had happened. There were so many impressions! nude wet preteens They seemed to be flowing together almost kaleidoscopically. God, he had loved the feeling of bare flesh against bare flesh - no hair to get in your way, everything naked erotica preteen more sensitive, more open to your tongue...your fingers. It was beautiful! And how about Rolfie? A tear of joy ran down his face as he realized that there had been no lack of emotion, no lack of tenderness and, God knows, no lack of meaning. How different from his spring trip to Frankfurt when he had felt little love and would just as soon have gallery little preteen coupled with a sea turtle. And man, man, Rolfie was BIG! His canal was already stretched considerably by the new butt toplist preteen nude plug, but Andy swore that he felt every vein on Rolfie's cock, every little blemish. The ridge at the base of his preteens schools girl corona had scraped him as he had been taken. Remembering, he russian preteen preview shivered and his still-sensitive cock whispered seductively for him to touch it. Furthermore, Rolfie had obviously learned a few tricks in recent months - and some of them were well worth remembering! Above all, however, he remembered the feeling of love, of deep caring...and of being cared for. As his cock twitched in protest - but, despite the cock band, finally subsided - he lightly kissed Rolfie's forehead, turned over, and soon fell asleep.As the boys munched appreciatively on a U.S. Army breakfast, an ebullient young Baron mentioned that this would have to be their last full day's hiking towards the northeast. Going further would take them into the Soviet Zone...and that was not a very good idea for man or beast. "By the way, Beast, how are you feeling this morning?" (He seemed to have noticed that Andy preteen hot net had resumed his stretcher and plug.) "I can't believe it, Rolfie!" his friend nymphets sex preteens answered. "I feel absolutely great! I'm not only comfortable again, but I feel invigorated... stronger! Maybe it was the muscles that managed to compensate, but I think it preteen illegal fucking must have been that medicine that you injected into me last night." "Medicine?" Rolf muttered - and then blushed slightly before he grinned goofily and said that it preteen x preteen had been the best sex that he had ever had. "Oh, come on, Big Rolf. The way you took me was awesome...just plain awesome. I do have to warn you, however, that preteen in bikni you are creating a preteen thumb nudes monster!" "And you think that bothers me?" Rolf mumbled before getting up to begin clean-up and prepare to get back on the trail.As they neared the last sighting where they could be reasonably pics preteen lesbian sure they were still within the western Zone, the handsome youths gasped with pleasure as they suddenly entered a good-sized clearing in the forest. A small sparkling stream ran along one side. Over towards the other stood a magnificent group of German Oaks that brought a glimmer to Rolf's camera eye. "Andy," Rolf exclaimed excitedly, "We've got a little photography to do. Thank God it's only 1500 hours (3:00 pm). We need to wash up, but put your equipment back on afterwards. Ok?" Within a little preteen underwear half hour or so, the boys had thoroughly washed and were back by their backpacks. Slinging a thick coil of rope over his shoulder and grabbing both his camera and a couple of other small objects, Rolf directed Andreas over towards a large boulder that stood well in front of the copse of oaks. Walking behind his friend, he couldn't help but notice his muscular cheeks flexing as they led the way or the way that the sun glinted off the prominent muscles of his back. He also noticed for the first time that Andy had developed an absolutely superb tan. 'Oh, Andy,' he thought, 'everything about you is so fuckin' beautiful!' "Ok, Andy we're going to stop here and get a picture of the two preteen galleries shy of us together." "Yeah, and who's taking it, a ghost?" his friend asked scornfully. "Nope, this camera has what's called a 'delayed shutter.' I click it and have time to get over to you before it clicks. Neat, yeah?" As Andreas grimaced in surprise, Rolf told him to take a position in front of him..."One step to the right... Yeah, THERE!"...set the picture up, placed the camera on the boulder, clicked a button, and ran over to preteens star stand beside his friend. "Smile for the birdie," he whispered just before the shutter clicked. (Naturally, they had to repeat the process a couple of times before the photographer was satisfied, but it was just plain fun after a rigorous hike.)Reaching the Oaks, each boy took a few photos of the other, including pictures as one or the other climbed into a tree and otherwise goofed off. Finally, Rolf called a halt and cackled vera model preteen randily that it was "Special Photo" time! Telling Andreas to remove his stretcher, he walked over to an ancient tree. "You are about to merge with the greatest symbol of the Fatherland," he intoned solemnly as Andy joined him. "Stand with your back against that Oak...arms backwards, held wide and down!" he commanded. Swiftly, he attached a cuff to one of his friend's wrists, stretched the light glass rope that connected the cuffs around the back of the tree, and attached the second cuff to the top preteen banned boy's other wrist. "Ok, Teutonic Warrior, you've been captured by the Romans. Writhe in pain, but let your face show your German pride...your determination not to say a word!" Rolf got several pictures that he was sure would turn out to be classics. "Let's move on to the next step," he continued. At that, he took the coil of rope and began lashing Andy securely to the great Oak, making sure that his legs were bound sufficiently far apart to allow his long sack to hang down loosely between preteen models 100 his heavily muscled thighs. Again calling for some "barbarian pain," and chortling as he noted that Andy's cock had risen and thrust forward, red and dripping, between the ropes, he added a few more "classics" to the collection. "Well, old boy, I think that thing will go down in an hour or two - even with that shiny cock band - so I guess I'll take off and have a bite of supper!" As he turned and walked away, Andy shouted, "Get back here, you bastard! If you don't get me out of this NOW, you can't even BEGIN to figure out what I'll do to you!" Giggling, Rolf returned and freed his friend - even though his cock DIDN'T soften during supper! Rolf finally took mercy on him, crawled over, and extremely preteen models accepted the unpleasant "duty" of sucking him off.As darkness fell, the Baron turned to Andy and begged! "Andy, I've just got to get a few more... different...shots of you and that damned, magic tree. Help!" His long-suffering comrade groaned and muttered something nasty about "crazy Frankfurt perverts," but finally relented. Reaching the great Oak, the boys built a roaring fire at a safe distance in the clearing. When the muscular young man was once again ready to display his "Teutonic pride, disdain...and tortured agony," Rolf took a long series of shots from different angles in the flickering firelight. Moving in for some close-ups with the flash, he added some spectacular photos of Andy's face, bulging pecs, distended neck muscles, some dirty sweat trickling down his taut brown stomach, Andy's red, rock-hard cock (that he freed in order that it could jut upwards over the ropes), and his long scrotum with its swollen balls that preteens fashion videos hung deep between his thighs. The naked Rolf was just about over the edge himself as first preteens porn he heard an unfamiliar voice call out from behind a tree. (To Be Continued) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR'S NOTE: Although I generally hate "cliff hangers," I couldn't avoid one this time. Part 25 that concludes the story of Andreas and Rolf's hiking and camping trip will be along in just a few days. Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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